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Long before the #MeToo Movement, women in China have been fighting against sexual harassment in various ways, which include telling their stories as survivors on social media. When the tide of #MeToo Movement came, we answered it with a big wave.

#MeToo Movement in China Archives is combined with two sections, one in Chinese and one in English. We dedicate the compilation to all survivors who spoke out with incredible courage and those who fight for change with their actions. The Chinese section archives as much stories and opinions as we can in that wave because every single voice matters. In this English section, however, we mean to collect reports and opinions from English medias in a diachronic and selective way.

Our objectivities are:

1) to provide perspectives that are missing on Chinese medias mainly because of the tightening censorship;

2) to highlight the reports and opinions in English medias that either they complement information in the Chinese section, or they are landmarks in certain ways, for example, the first English report on #MeToo in China, or a report on #MeToo in Non-Government Organizations;

3) to portray the #MeToo Movement in China as part of the global wave of women power.

This section also includes a list that highlights 40 milestones on sexual harassment in China from 1995 to 2019. It first appeared at the “#MeToo Movement in China” exhibition in Beijing and Guangzhou between July 23rd and July 30th, 2019. We hope it will add to feminist making of our collective memory on combating sexual harassment. Audience who expect to have a historical sense of the anti-sexual harassment movement in China may find it useful in particular.

This English section is edited by Duan Jiling, with Wang Di, Zhou Yi, and Ren Yi. Ren coordinated both the Chinese and English sections of the #MeToo Movement in China Archives.