Young activists, new movements: Contemporary Chinese queer feminism and transnational genealogies



作者/主要创作者:Wen Liu, Ana Huang, Jingchao Ma


编号:DOI: 10.1177/0959353514563091


议题:倡导 机构建设

群体:多元性别群体 女权主义者

学科:人类学 社会学

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In 2012, in response to victim-blaming statements by the Shanghai Subway System online, two young feminists appeared in Shanghai’s subway, wearing headscarves, short skirts, and metal bras, carrying signs saying ‘‘I can be flirtatious, you can’t harass,’’ as a resistance to social control of women’s bodies (Phillips, 2012). This small performance inspired a storm of national media coverage and public discussion, giving unprecedented public visibility to the issues of women’s sexual expression and sexual assault. Being part of a broader milieu of young Chinese feminists protesting through various forms of public performance arts in the past two years, the Shanghai Subway protesters, in particular, were queer feminist activists with years of involvement in lesbian communities.